Our dedicated team of designers has extensive industry knowledge and many years of experience in designing letters and illuminated advertising for the largest international brands. When designing your advertisement, our designer will implement the latest design concepts into your project, which include the latest technologies and techniques used in the production of advertisements. We are convinced that in Poland we create the best services in the field of advertising concept designs. We know our industry really well. We arrange the premises in terms of external and internal signage. We will make you stand out among the many ads. Our original designs contain extraordinary ideas. While designing advertisements we adapt to the existing environment. We make Logos stand out by extracting the best from them. We design infographics and illuminating advertising designs, as well as we create designer concepts for your company's branding. We make advanced designs of advertising structures and engineering and construction calculations. We design illuminated advertising letters in the form of spatial letters with matching appropriate materials, as well as day / night visualizations. Using important information on-site at the customer's premises, Pretende designers use the latest techniques to superimpose a new advertisement over a photo of an existing building. This allows you to visualize, rethink the colours and proportions of a new advertisement that has not yet been produced. When designing, we present innovative solutions and options that may be of value to you. Typical mass-production advertising companies often face serious problems while their advertisements are being installed on the premises. The projects carried out in Pretende are primarily the attention to details. Ultimately, our advertising design eliminates unnecessary rework costs and ensures that our signs, letters, and illuminated advertising are made exactly to fit the needs of each location. This type of design and engineering advertisement ensures that the advertisement assembly can be done quickly and without errors. Thanks to our original brilliant lighting and arrangement techniques, we focus on meeting your needs. We analyse cities, shopping centre criteria and other official resolutions to make sure you get the biggest and most noticeable light advertising.