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Here you will find out how the process of the project works.

1: Contact  

Contact us by e-mail or by phone. When sending an e-mail with an inquiry, attach the logo that you want us to make. Write in a few sentences what effect you expect, write the phone number since it will be needed to discuss the details of your order fulfillment.

2: Advertising design  

On the basis of your inquiry and the project file sent we will provide the exact cost of the implementation. In case of any ambiguity in the inquiry we will contact you to talk about your project before the valuation.

3: Free valuation  

If you do not have a preliminary design, we will provide an initial design service that includes consultation, font selection, and dimension confirmation. Detailed, extensive designs for production purposes as well as graphic visualizations are with additional fee.

4: Order confirmation  

All you need is an e-mail confirmation. Please write in one sentence: "I accept the offer along with the project. Please, fulfill my order"

5: First payment  

In accordance with the approval of the valuation, a pro-forma invoice will be issued on the basis of which please, pay by bank transfer and then send us a bank transfer confirmation. Therefore our accounting will be able to confirm it. The confirmation of the payment starts the process of preparing the graphic design for approval for production.

6: Detailed design / offer  

We will list the design files of your advertisements and then we will send it to you to show you all the specifics, e.g. details, colours, type of lighting, the technical drawing of the designed structure in order of the final approval.

7: Start of production  

After receiving the approval of the project file with all order details, we start producing the advertisement. If everything is in accordance with the previous arrangements, accept it by typing e.g. & quot; I accept the project, please fulfill it & quot; Then we start the production.

8: Lighting test  

After the production is completed, your project will be on a 24-hour lighting test, where it will pass the quality control. All these must be completed in order to fix any potential problems.

9: Final products  

We will take photos and send them to you to show the final result of the product.

10: Balance of payments  

After confirming the products, please send us the bank payment confirmation so that our accountant could confirm it.

11: Delivery  

We cooperate with many shipping companies. We will establish all transport details, date and shipment of your product to the address provided by you. You will receive a driver’s phone number so that you can contact him during the ongoing transport.

12: After sale  

Pretende is the only company in Poland that provides one year of free replacement of damaged signs / advertisements. Warranty claim: the waiting time from notification to the start of repair is 24 hours.


Since 2008 the Pretende brand has been a leading company offering a full range of services. The honesty, the craftsmanship and the imagination of our professional staff turned out to be the ultimate advantage for our clients. By working with Pretende you can count on competitive prices and high-quality advertising that meets local regulations and at the same time generate business for your company.


If you have any additional questions about the marks or our services, please feel free to contact us.

al. Grunwaldzka 612c
tel. +48 58 354 24 24

ul. Hoża 86 lokal 410
tel. +48 22 100 57 49

ul. Marsz. J. Piłsudskiego 74 lokal 320
tel. +48 71 707 04 38

ul. Święty Marcin 29/8
tel. +48 61 415 18 52

ul. Szlak 77/222
tel. +48 12 446 68 02
This is how we have various types of letter prototypes in the office. We also have atypical materials for the production of advertisements. LED lighting, coloured plexiglass and many other interesting things to create signs. However, we believe that the best solution for the client is to produce one letter in the form of a prototype. This way shows all the details just before the order for production.
We have a lot of references from the companies for which we produced their logo or advertisement. We also have all certificates for aluminium, catalogue cards for power supplies and all necessary documents for the materials used for the production of illuminated advertising.
Depending on the type and quantity of advertisements ordered, we generally need around 14 working days to complete production. The door to door delivery transportation service takes around 2 to 3 business days. Then the total realisation time will be around 17 business days.
We are very careful about accepting someone as our representative. We suggest you start with a simple collaboration and then talk about advertising.
Our letters and advertisements are waterproof and resistant to weather conditions. If you are concerned about this, please let us know about the climatic characteristics of your area such as strong sunlight, strong winds or heavy rain so that we can provide adequate safeguards for the illuminated advertising.
We are able to produce a 3D LED illuminated letter from any type of font. Unusual shapes of advertisements are not a problem for us. We will refine any font, illegible logos and prepare them for the needs of the target production. If the letter exceeds the standard dimensions, i.e. it is too large, it does not fit on one format of plexiglass, using appropriate technologies, we are able to make it in a large format. On a 1: 1 scale we can bring out the target desired effect.
The size of the illuminated spatial letters does not matter to us. We produce mini letters illuminated with LED modules in the height from 5 cm. In order for the letters with LED illumination to have a uniform lighting effect, we recommend a minimum letter height of 10cm. Smaller letters with a height of less than 5 cm have little space to place evenly enough LEDs and little space for wiring in the shell of the letter. Then the backlit letters may not have a good lighting effect.
Yes, you can use a custom font for your signage. Send us a file of such a font and we will check it in terms of individual production stages. We also recommend that you contact us by phone to discuss the shapes of an unusual font.
An improperly selected font can be time-consuming in the advertising production process, there is no space to place LED modules and it happens especially with very thin shapes of letters.
It all depends on the size. We need to evenly place the LED in the light of the marking letter so that the advertising lighting is uniform. We need min. width 10 mm and height should be greater than 10 mm, then your logo can be illuminated. It is best to discuss each such case individually.
We prefer project files in vector format where all fonts and objects are converted to "curves" or "line" if possible.
Other file formats, such as poor-quality jpg or png, bitmaps, require redesign, adapting them to the production of the advertisement.
We can choose the right shade of plexiglass for each RAL / NCS / PANTONE colour. Tell us what your colour expectations are.
We will try to choose the right colours of materials, adequate to the colour palette of your logo.
Yes, a photo helps us to get to know the surroundings better and the style of the building also helps to evaluate the best solutions for your advertisement. Such a photo is also useful to discuss the details of the possible assembly. When sending us a photo, remember about the dimensions of the glass, wall or field on which the logo is to be mounted.
We make an initial valuation based on an e-mail inquiry. We do not send graphic designs together with the quote. Valuation is one thing and graphic visualization is another. Design does not equal everything depends on the details of the design for production. After accepting the price and paying for the advertisement, we start designing.
Before starting the implementation of the advertisement, a preliminary design will be prepared in order to be approved for production of the advertisement. The design will include the visualization of the entire advertisement, exact dimensions of the composition, full colour description, all details of the electrical installation, the outline of the structure and all the details used to build the entire advertisement.
We create most of the ads on the so-called individual order. We can also adjust the font, typeface, style that suits you, to your industry. When designing, we think about the details of your logo, e.g. composition, dynamics, shape, colours, placing LED modules in the letters of the entire advertisement, so if the selected font is too thin, we have to slightly thicken it so that we have enough space by spreading the LED modules in the letters. In the end, the ad will shine perfectly as a whole.
1. We need a Logo or an advertisement design, preferably in a vector version.
2. Description of the style in which the advertisement is to be produced (e.g. colours, inspirations based on photos of examples of similar implementations)
3. What are the expected dimensions of the logo? the height of the letters, the dimensions of the composition, what is the width of the entire text (from the leftmost to the rightmost)
4. You must measure the width and height of the wall or roof or site on which the logo is to be installed.
5. A photo of the place is needed (e.g. a photo of a wall, a window from the inside of the premises or the entire building with a roof cornice) so that we can check the installation options.
6. Is the logo to be produced in an illuminated version or not?
7. Should we include assembly costs in the valuation?
8. Please provide a telephone number to clarify all the details of the implementation.
Sorry, we cannot give any price over the phone as our illuminated advertisements are individually tailored to production. Different details would result in different costs. During the telephone conversation we discuss the details and then send a price offer by e-mail.
Under normal circumstances, you will receive a commercial reply within one business day. If there is a lot of detail of items to price, it may take 2 ~ 3 working days or even longer, but we will try our best to give you the price as soon as possible. Please be patient.
Well, you can always find a manufacturer with a lower price, but mostly when you pay cheap you get poor quality. We are not the best choice if you are looking for the cheapest, but we are the best signage manufacturer with good quality, good service and reasonable price. Our products are worth every penny you pay. You can only see the difference when you have cheap products in your hand. By choosing the cheapest option, you will lose your money and your time. We have built our reputation on quality, and we keep it that way.
All in all, if you have a lower price, we would be happy to rate it. We will see if it can be adjusted while maintaining our standards of quality and durability. When comparing the cheaper version, we will check if something in this valuation may not meet your expectations.
We treat all our customers equally and will do our best to provide each customer with a reasonable price. We offer discounts on each order. When ordering more advertisements, we offer very favourable discounts.
Taking into account fluctuations in the exchange rate, raw material prices and labour costs, our offer is usually valid for 30 days.
We do not send graphic designs together with the valuation. Valuation is one thing and graphic visualization is another. After accepting the price and paying for the advertisement, we start designing. Before starting the production of the advertisement, a preliminary design will be prepared in order to be approved for production of the advertisement. The design will include the visualization of the entire advertisement, exact dimensions of the composition, full colour description, all details of the electrical installation, the outline of the structure and all the details used to build the entire advertisement.
All our products are related to the procurement of advertising material. Payment in advance helps to speed up implementation in several stages and improve communication during production on both sides of the contract.
We accept this type of payment as much as possible. PayPal is fast and convenient.


Professional neon signs only with us!


Over 15 years of experience gives us an extensive knowledge in the field of advertising production, from the appropriate selection of materials such as adhesives, plexiglass, sheets, etc. to the installation of advertising. We know how to produce letters for every customer all over the world. Years of experience have prevented our products from almost no complaints.


Order advertising directly from the producer in order to reduce unnecessary additional expenses generated by intermediaries. We are flexible in terms of prices and 100% machine independent and therefore we are able to give you a good price.


We provide high-quality advertisements produced by our experienced technicians. By using advanced technologies our letters are durable for many years. They do not stick together, do not crack, do not fade, shine uniformly.

Lead time  

Depending on the type and number of advertisements and markings ordered, we need about 15 working days to complete the production. The execution time depends on the specifics of the project, the complexity and the number of details that make up the entire advertisement.


Before installing the letters we provide an electrician with a template in 1: 1 scale with the power cord outlet points marked for each letter separately. In addition, we add a diagram and assembly instructions for the entire advertisement, assembly accessories in accordance with the order.


We provide a 1 to 5-year warranty for the product. The warranty also covers LED modules and electronic power supplies. Another advantage is the quick repair time, a response up to 24 hours. Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover damage caused, for example, by strong winds or hail. In a such situation we can recreate the damaged element by producing it anew.



al. Grunwaldzka 612c
80-337 Gdańsk
tel.: +48 58 354 24 24


ul. Władysława Łokietka 5/2
70-256 Szczecin
tel.: +48 91 444 08 57


ul. Święty Marcin 29/8
61-806 Poznań
tel.: +48 61 415 18 52


ul. Hoża 86 lokal 410
00-682 Warszawa
tel.: +48 22 100 57 49


ul. Narutowicza 40/1
90-135 Łódź
tel.: +48 42 942 06 14


ul. Marsz. J. Piłsudskiego 74 lokal 320
50-020 Wrocław
tel.: +48 71 707 04 38


ul. Warszawska 40/2A
40-008 Katowice
tel.: +48 32 722 07 46


ul. Szlak 77/222
31-153 Kraków
tel.: +48 12 446 68 02


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