Prismatic letters


Prismatic letters have a shape that distinguishes them from standard letters that are available on the market in a wide variety. These letters are fully truncated. In other words, the sides of the letters are sloping from the middle ridge of the letter down to the outer edge of the letter. The inclination of the letter sides is often corrected by hand, by stroking them along the entire plane of the letter side. As a result, the final effect is beautiful.

Prismatic letters fit inside and outside the premises. This noble character of the font will improve the quality of your company and draw attention to the unusual shape of the logo finish.

In the production process, prismatic letters are very time-consuming. True shapes of prismatic letters can be obtained from any font style. By converting ordinary fonts into prismatic letter fonts, you will improve the quality of your project, which will immediately stand out from other ads. As a result, your logo or advertisement, will become non-standard, highly eye-catching.

We can make 3D prismatic letters in many ways, from polished stainless-steel letters to spatial prismatic letters painted in high gloss. Prismatic gold-plated or cast steel letters are available in a spatial version, illuminated or not illuminated.

Check now what your logo can look like in the form of prismatic letters.

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