Neon signs




The Pretende company is the largest neon manufacturer in Poland. Neon on the wall, i.e., a glass tube filled with gas. Neon advertising is eye-catching, has soul, depth and is timeless. As an experienced neon manufacturer, we can offer you neons for installation on the external facade or on the wall inside the building. They can be installed on a plexiglass base or mounted directly to the external facade. In each case, the neon lights look unique! This ad is long-lasting and resistant. Our custom neon signs can glow without faults for up to 20 years! The visibility of the neon light is about 500 meters. Our modern neon lights are economical in terms of electricity consumption. We only use the highest quality neon glass from European and American producers. All accessories and materials are durable, proven by our years of experience in the production of neon. We pay attention to quality to ensure the longest lifespan of the neon lights. The wide spectrum of possibilities offered by neon lights is used for architectural arrangements and design. Neon signs are attractive for interiors and have the artisan character of objects designed and made by hand. Specially formed glass tubes provide a fascinating shine. Neon is strongly associated with art and design. Thanks to the infinite combination of models and colours, neon today also lives strongly in home spaces. Original neon productions are adapted to any environment. Neon light is elegant and functional. The shapes of neon letters reflect the authentic colours. The neon lights adapt and personalize. Properly configured by means of continuous on and off switches thanks to the installation of an electronic programmer, we can obtain additional lighting effects, which further emphasizes and attracts its visibility.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the photo gallery of exemplary custom neon signs.

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