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2020.12.05 |

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Neon Led czy neon szklany?

Neon Led or glass neon?


Neon signs are one of the most popular advertising elements in marketing.

They create colourful images, letters, logos or information for cinemas, restaurants, clubs and companies. The art of implementing projects with the use of neon lights allows you to achieve unique and delightful effects. During the day they look very inconspicuous, only at dusk do they present themselves in all their glory. Neon lights sold by our company are perfect both inside and outside the building. This form of advertising is durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. It is an ideal marketing investment for many years, which is why so many companies are choosing it. The undoubted advantage is also the large reach regarding the visibility of neon advertising. Such an advertisement does not require additional highlights, as is the case with banners or signs. In addition, the effective appearance of such an advertisement means that customers not only learn about the products or services of a given company, but also perceive it as trustworthy and recommendable. Perfectly presented glass neon lights add a professional character to the company.

We use the highest quality glass neon lights

Our company is characterized by market knowledge, many years of experience and careful selection of materials and accessories appropriate for the implementation. We pay attention to the smallest details, which are extremely important in the entire process of creation and assembly. Therefore the whole realization takes on style and full precision. We use the highest quality neon glass from European and American producers. It is in the USA, the cradle of neon lights, which is associated with brightly lit Las Vegas, that the highest quality elements necessary for the production of this type of lighting are created. Therefore, the service life of our products is very long and pleases the eye even for several years of use. In addition, we have a properly adapted workshop, which is perfect even for the most demanding orders. This place is facilitated by the process of creating unusual compositions and interesting combinations for our clients. Highly specialized staff performs tasks that affect the final appearance and quality of our products.

Which neon to choose - led neon or glass neon?

Often, customers ask us about the specificity of neon lights, their way of creating and their durability. Due to the fact that we are supporters of glass neon, we often emphasize that the very process of creating glass neon influences their quality and durability. Glass neon lights are a tradition in itself. Over the years, they have been refined in terms of production techniques, they are made of more and more durable components. Therefore, they are more resistant to failures. They have been fulfilling their role perfectly for a century, enjoying great support among people choosing proven and original products. Various shapes and sizes are created from glass neon, while maintaining the authenticity of the colours. Contrary to an ordinary light bulb, glass neon lights can be easily formed into various shapes, because they consist of a thin tube, and the light in the neon is generated by the process of electric discharge in gases.

Where can glass neon lights be used?

Mainly glass neon signs have been used for years as a form of advertising and providing information to many companies towards their potential customers. Recently, glass neon lights are also increasingly used to create various types of interior decorations, in particular lamps. They are also often used to illuminate furniture, stairs or ceiling spaces. They are also gaining more and more popularity in gardens, especially near ponds. This form of lighting is also extremely popular in bars and hotels. Illuminated rooms in entertainment spaces not only illuminate the rooms, but also give them a unique character. The atmosphere created by neon lighting allows you to achieve the intended effects. These traditional forms of neon lights are appreciated by supporters of interesting and extraordinary designs.

Choose professional traditional neon signs by Pretende and enjoy the quality and professionalism!