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2019.05.24 |

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Tomasz Ciepliński |

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Neon “Jestem z Gdańska”

Neon "I'm from Gdańsk"

At the request of one of the largest development companies in Poland, Echo Investment, we have realized the largest neon sign in northern Poland. Hand-bent neon glass creates the inscription "I'm from Gdańsk", which emphasizes the local character of the new investment - the Tryton Business House office building. The new neon light is turquoise. The width of the neon sign is 12 meters and its height is 4 meters - it is the largest neon in northern Poland. Many European cities have neon lights for which they are famous. Gdańsk deserves its new neon symbol. The thickness of the hand-bent neon tube is 18 mm.

We invite you to watch a short promotional film presenting the process of creating neon: