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Lightness in your living room

We present a new product - a cloud made of hand-bent neon glass. A stylish neon light introduces an unprecedented lightness to the interior in which it is placed. The delicate, streamlined shape makes the interior more dynamic and allows you to breathe in. The cloud fits in with any interior in a stylish way. Our designers took care of compliance with the composition standards.

Some of our customers have suggested that this product fits perfectly in a children's room. Others would like to see it in the kitchen or living room. Pleasant to the eye, the gentle shape of the cloud allows you to introduce a dreamy, fairy-tale atmosphere into the living room, bedroom or hall. It is worth noting here that the delicate neon glow does not tire the eyesight. The climatic light emitted by a tube filled with noble gas subtly illuminates the room without causing discomfort to humans and animals.

The element also fits perfectly into office conditions. The idyllic atmosphere will relieve the tense atmosphere at work.

After many deliberations and hours of reflection, we chose the colour - metallic blue. The prototype went to a professional paint shop. The paint applied in a two-layer system shimmers while the neon shines and produces a specific gloss.

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Category: Neon symbols



The colour of the neon light - White

Neon diameter - 12mm

Height - 56cm

Width - 90cm

Colour - Sky Blue