23000.00 zł

"Futuristic Cezar" is an artistic and unique work of a 3D installation by Tomasz Ciepliński, the founder of the Pretende brand.

A three-dimensional bas-relief made of crystal balls, tempered glass, neon, gold titanium sheet, transparent and mirror plexiglass. The combination of many techniques for creating spatial solids and shapes gives an amazing impression of a futuristic atmosphere.

This unique spatial work is perfect for the interiors of luxury apartments or large spacious industrial loft rooms.

3D bas-relief "Futuristic Caesar" will ennoble any room during the day and in the evening. The effect of neon lighting in combination with ultraviolet will give a special atmosphere to any room, living room or corridor with a futuristic glow of light.

Unique, original work entirely inspired by the future ...


Category: Neon symbols


Height 80cm

Width 130cm

Thickness 17cm