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Wild West atmosphere in your living room

The feature that distinguishes this product are green lampshades with fuchsia decorations. Thanks to this finish, the lampshade resembles an original cactus flower. Our designer cactus will warm your interior and give it a specific character.

The prototype brings to mind the hot desert sand, the rays of the sun and the southern climate of American Westerns.

Sheet metal with a green metallic varnish, combined with a green shade, create a unique optical effect.
It looks great both when it is standing alone (e.g. on a piece of furniture) and when it is hung on the wall.

It looks phenomenal when it does not emit light, as well as in light mode.

The applied varnish shimmers when illuminated. There is an effect that enhances the shape and brings out the depth of colour.
The green colour introduces an atmosphere of peace and harmony to the room.

The cactus as a plant is considered a symbol of perseverance. Its beautiful flower expresses deep feelings and emotional states.

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Category: Symbols with bulbs



Width - 36cm

Height - 80cm

Colour lampshades - Green / Fuchsia